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This User Agreement is between you, an individual or a legal entity, and DnsIP® (hereinafter - the "Copyright Holder"), is the holder of exclusive ownership of copyright to use the software DnsIP® (hereinafter - the "Software" or "ON" ), is provided with free use, as follows:
1. All terms and conditions of this Agreement apply to your use of the Software, which is subject to the exclusive rights of copyright holders. Using software in violation of the terms of this User Agreement is a violation of law and entails civil, and administrative or criminal liability.
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3. The software can be distributed free of charge, while maintaining unchanged distribution without the express written permission of the copyright holder. You may not modify, rent, lease, sell or modify the software.
4. Software is provided to you "AS IS" , in accordance with generally accepted international principles. This means that for any problems arising during operation you a copy of the software (including compatibility issues with other software (packages, drivers, and others.), Problems due to ambiguous interpretation of your background information regarding the software mismatch the results of the use of the software to your expectations, etc.) The legal owner is not responsible.
5. You alone are responsible for the possible negative consequences caused by the incompatibility or conflicts with other software products installed on the same computer (PC). Copy of the software is not intended and can not be used in information systems working in hazardous environments or serving life-support systems where a malfunction software can pose a threat to human life or health.
6. The software is provided without warranty manual or other guarantees, expressed or implied. Warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose is not available.